Bathtubs boards with legs
  • Bathtubs boards with legs

Bathtubs boards with legs

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Bathtubs boards with legs

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Marmox bathtub boards consist of a classic Marmox panel with a thickness of 3 cm, to which are added jacks (2 per panel) allowing after setting the bathtub to raise the apron using a wrench, to ensure better system stability. Marmox bathtub aprons are often more economical, faster than standard solutions, and represent a more aesthetic solution because they allow tiling or earthenware identical to the rest of the bathroom.

معلومات عامة

  • Density 36 kgs
  • m3
  • Compressive strength: 3 tons per m2
  • Fire behavior: Class E
  • 10-year warranty
  • Can be cut
  • Light and resistant
  • Compatible with all tiles
  • Ready to tile
  • Ready to coat
  • Waterproof
  • Pre-jacks mounted
  • Bathtub apron

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