About us

Marmox Egypt is part of the CMB Group, which was founded in the 1979 and now manufactures innovative building products and specialist insulation materials for the construction and refurbishment industries across the world. 


It’s our innovative approach that constitutes the DNA of the CMB Group. With the craftsman and the end user at the heart of all considerations, the group's marketing and R&D teams attach great importance to facilitating installation and increasing customer comfort. Discover our range of products.


Marmox Products include

Marmox MULTIBOARD board system  and waterproof TILE BACKER BOARD. Used on floors and walls to provide increased tile adhesion and decoupling.

Marmox SHOWERLAY Floor-level shower bases – Sloped bases for WETROOM FLOORS ready for tiling.

The Marmox Swan Range –Contemporary designer shower trays & wall panels made from highly durable composite resins or beautiful natural stone materials.

Marmox SLICEDSTONE sheets and mosaic on a roll. The sheets and mosaics are lined with an integral decoupling waterproof membrane. 

Marmox Thermorock Board is a perfect solution for facades, walls, suspended ceilings and steel frames, providing the highest standard in thermal, sound and A2 fire protection.

Marmox SOUNDBOARD Thermal & acoustic installation – Waterproof, thermally insulating, IMPACT SOUND INSULATION BOARD. Designed to stop the sound of footfall on a tiled floor passing through a floor to the rooms below. 

Marmox THERMOBLOCK Reducing heat loss at the wall-floor junction – a BBA certified insulation unit to ELIMINATE THERMAL BRIDGING at the wall floor junction of new-builds, reducing the y value and helping to meet the emissions rate target in SAP.

They are typically used at the base of a masonry or timber-framed supporting wall and are approved products in the BRE’s ‘Certified Thermal Products and Details Scheme.’


Marmox manhole covers are manufactured from an innovative polymeric binder with a newly developed high strength reinforced acrylic with graded sizes filler and reinforced with glass fiber to ensure heavy-duty products fulfilling all standard specification requirements.


Marmox Polyprofil fillets, drip strips and stair edges made from polymer concrete.